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  • Convenience

  • Washed and ready-to-use

  • Food Safety

  • Significantly lessens risk of cross-contamination

  • Reduces injuries associated with prepping produce

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Significantly reduces labor costs

  • Reduces waste and disposal cost

  • Reduces L & I costs

  • Consistency

  • Product appearance is uniform day to day

  • 100% yield all year around

  • Stable and predictable portion cost

  • Storage and Handling

  • Requires less storage space in cooler

  • Easier to order and inventory due to consistent yield

  • Easier to inspect true quality when receiving

Why Fresh-Cut?

Fresh cut produce is 100% usable with zero waste.  We eliminate tedious, in house labor while saving time and combatting rising labor costs associated with prep work.  We mitigate the risk of cross contamination and food borne illness by adherence to the highest globally recognized food safety standards.  Value added produce eliminates additional washing, cleaning and cutting.  You get a fresh, quality product with precise cuts every time allowing for accuracy, portion control, and customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is to offer stable, annualized pricing without deviating unless severe weather disrupts market conditions for an extended period of time. Leveling peaks and valleys of a perpetually moving produce market adds predictability to food costs; lending accuracy to projections and forecasting. Fresh-cut produce saves labor during a time when payroll costs continue to escalate. Garden Fresh Foods buying power and state-of-the-art machinery allows us to provide cost-effective solutions; consistently.

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