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There is no substitute for FRESH!

In our infancy, 34 years ago, we aligned with pioneering start-ups in the fresh soup market.  Consistent with our core values and mission to set the industry standard in customer satisfaction while providing fresh-cut solutions, these relationships flourished and expanded to include national manufacturers in varying market segments.  Our strength extends to our robust food safety and quality management program and in our adherence to specification as evidenced by our excellent SQF rating.








As a solution-based, service-oriented company we offer a full line of value-added vegetables; including the world’s best tasting, natural, additive and preservative-free potato.  Garden Fresh Foods employs a proprietary blanching and cooling process resulting in a fresh, flavorful, clean-label, better tasting potato with superior texture.  The culmination is an unmatched culinary performance in kettle cooked products such as soups, casseroles and potato enhanced dinners and a healthy, flavorful experience for your customer.

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